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Friday, February 10, 2012

Ultrasound findings: anterior placenta, healthy baby and revealing the sex

The first thing I noticed at the ultrasound was the placenta.  I don't remember having such a good view of the placentas during any of my other baby's ultrasounds.  The meat of it was clearly visible.  You can see it pictured above, along baby's back and below, next to her elbow and knee (the texture kind of looks like brains.)

The Ultrasound Technician showed us that the placenta is anterior (meaning it is located on the front side of my uterus -- along my belly instead of my back) which is why it made such a strong first impression.  I was immediately excited to hear this news because (I forgot to mention this in my last post) one of the things that had me second guessing my innitial impression that baby was a girl is that I felt even more certian my placenta was located on the right, which this study suggests is much more likely of a boy.  Seeing that placenta in front got me thinking "oh, maybe she's a girl after all!"
Any little thing that explains the differentness of this pregnancy also provides a sense of relief.  I've been thinking a lot about baby's position lately, noticing things I sensed during my pregnancy with Jason II (my posterior baby) and considering the possibility that a difficult presentation during labor might be that thing looming over me insisting I will need some kind of help during this birth.
Because babies tend to face their placentas, it seems more likely that this little one will hang out "sunny-side up" a good portion of the time and she may decide to be born that way. I'll be extra diligent about seeing my chiropractor late in pregnancy!!

Often, with an anterior placenta it's more difficult to feel baby's movements.  I'm feeling lots of wiggles; this baby is very active, though I have mostly felt movement on my left side (and the placement of the placenta is, in fact, towards the right.)

Another thing I really enjoyed seeing on the ultrasound was baby sticking her fist in her mouth and clearly sucking on it! During the brief 'vanishing twin follow-up' ultrasound I had at 12 weeks, I thought I saw her sucking her hand (which melted my heart especially because I was a thumb-sucker at birth myself) and this time was even more obvious.

The ultrasound technician took lots of measurements. Everything looked healthy and there were no soft markers for Down's Syndrom present (another concern I had bouncing around my head earlier in the pregnancy.)  As you've probably guessed by my use of "her" and "she" through this post, that we also got a clear view of a tiny little vagina!! Having viewed the ultrasounds of three boys, it was clear that this was no boy.  I enjoyed that the technician gave us a good look and I was able to announce, "I think it's a girl!" before she said anything.

  On the 3D ultrasound, baby looks just like  her brother, Logan (who's singing and kissing "his best best best baby" on my computer screen as I type this.)

I feel a bit like a first time mom again.  I've really gotten used to being a mom to boys!  As a girl who was (and probably still is) kind of a tom-boy, I'm not anticipating a lot of extra coddling; I'm not excited by the color pink, or the whole 'princess' concept -- if anything they freak me out.  But there is a very different energy to a female, even as an infant and that will change the whole vibe of our household more than adding another boy would have. Logan seems to know this, and maybe Jason and Kyle do, too -- they were all hoping for a girl -- though logan seems to be the most excited.

Other little differences are randomly occuring to me. Fixing my hair in the bathroom mirror, I find myself imagining my little girl's hair -- how it  might be tangled and wild, hastily braided or awkwardly trimmed with the help of an older brother.

I'm thinking about how the bond will be different and the special things we might understand about one another as females.  I'm thinking about how it will be easier to project myself onto a little girl and that I'm lucky that my other kids have already given me lots of practice realizing they're not me  and their needs are unique.

I'm imagining what it might be like to be a girl growing up with three older brothers and thinking about how my husband will react to having a daughter.

Knowing that we are having a daughter feels a lot bigger and newer and more different than I expected.  Somehow, these details about baby and placenta have set my mind at ease about how the birth will unfold and I'm really starting to feel the whole social birth vibe... maybe in the end I will find that we don't face any dire complication.  I think a difficult presentation is a strong possibility... or maybe my woman-child just wants to be born in the company of other women.

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  1. Lia Joy, I am always eager to read your blog. And this time I was even more. I am so glad you got a little girl. As you know I was really thinking my little man was actually a girl, but apparently he played a mean joke on Mommy. I do feel more comfortable with boys, I had a brother, babysat boys, all my cousins are boys. But I also am a bit of a princess. So I see your point of view from both sides. I am sure you will enjoy your girl! And the great thing about girls, is they can wear many colors and you easily sew them some cute pillowcase dresses and stuff! Blessed Be.